Helping to protect your customers and employees during COVID

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Helping to protect your customers and employees during COVID

Are you concerned the new coronavirus variant, rise in cases and heightened restrictions could dampen consumer confidence in 2022?

Then why not use personalised customer videos to put your products in the hands of your customers, in under 2 minutes whilst also safeguarding your employees.

Here’s just a few ways personalised customer videos can help give confidence to your customers, generate increased sales and enable you to continue ‘business as normal’ in a safe and efficient way:

1. Visually highlight the in-store COVID hygiene and safety measures you have put in place, whilst also creating safer internal processes for you and your employees;

2. Offer a truly innovative way for customers to interact with your products remotely, at their convenience and in the safety of their own home;

3. Cater for high spending international customers who may be unable or unwilling to travel to the UK and visit you;

4. Enhance the customer journey by getting customers excited when their piece of jewellery or product is ready for safe collection or delivery; and

5. Ultimately, give them comfort you are doing everything you can to keep them safe without dampening the customer experience

Social distancing in some form may well be here to stay and that means retailers will need to continue to reinvent what customer experience means to their brand and customers. Video does this and also helps to enhance your overall customer service experience, creating loyalty and trust at a time when the customer needs and values it most.

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